BONUS 02: Visualization for Fertility Success

BONUS 02: Visualization for Fertility Success

Today’s Guest:

Joanne Verkuilen is the founder of Circle+Bloom. She and her team care deeply about helping other women who are experiencing the emotional toll of trying to BEAT INFERTILITY.

Circle+Bloom’s story starts more than 20 years ago when Joanne was diagnosed with PCOS as a late-teen. The words from her OB-GYN that “pregnancy may be difficult” were hard to hear. Not surprisingly, she had problems with conception. After her difficult emotional journey, which ended with two beautiful and healthy children, her close friend then started having fertility problems, prompting her to action.

Joanne and Heather tackle the topic of visualization in the fertility process by answering the following questions:

  1. What is visualization?
  2. We’ve all been told to “just relax and it will happen.” While it doesn’t work as simply as that, are there studies that support visualization during fertility treatments?
  3. How exactly does visualization work?
  4. How often do you recommend people practice visualization?
  5. Are there other techniques, such as yoga or acupuncture, that work well alongside visualization?
  6. I read on your website that visualization isn’t just great for IUI and IVF, but specific diagnoses like PCOS, too. Tell me about that.

Words of Hope:

By understanding how we can be more proactive about the health of our bodies, we can accomplish so much. Click To Tweet



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