Uterine Cancer & Surrogacy: Candace’s Story

05: Uterine Cancer & Surrogacy: Candace's Story

Today’s Guest:

Our success story today is Candace, who BEAT INFERTILITY via surrogacy after many ups and downs. Her story includes her husband’s brain tumor, several failed IUI and IVF rounds, many rounds of Clomid, several surgeries, uterine cancer, a hysterectomy, plans for adoption, and finally, the switch to surrogacy.

Candace’s unusual story also involves being documented for an MTV special, closing the door to reproductive assistance, and using Facebook to raise the needed funds for adoption. You’ve never heard a more intriguing infertility story.

Words of Hope:

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Whom We’re Following:

Rachel got married and “just thought it would happen.” Rachel has had four miscarriages, all in the early stages of pregnancy. She has been diagnosed with Protein S Deficiency, which is a blood-clotting disorder. Rachel is also dealing with Asherman’s Syndrome, which results in scars and fibroids from aggressive scraping during a D&C.

Rachel is hopeful that further treatments will work for her, and has written a book as a way to better connect with other women about staying positive on this journey to BEAT INFERTILITY.



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