Uterine Abnormalities: Nadine’s Story [JOURNEY]

July 3, 2017


Today’s journey story is about a woman named Nadine. She and her husband are very social people who enjoy spending a lot of time together. They are very close and loving toward each other with an extremely strong bond. Although she always assumed she’d be a mom, her desire became overwhelming about a year ago when they adopted a puppy, whom she loves very deeply. Her journey has been a rocky one to say the least, including multiple miscarriages, REs, IUIs, and egg retrievals. Join us to hear where she’s been so far and what’s coming up next in her journey.

What you’ll hear in this episode:

  • At age 36, Nadine is a British girl who loves to travel and hang out with friends. She is self-employed in sales and marketing.
  • Before infertility, Nadine was carefree, fun, energetic — and always said YES to a party!
  • How she met her husband in the U.S. through a coworker and the magic of Facebook!
  • As a couple, they are very close, sociable, and happy together
  • How adopting a puppy accelerated her desire for a child
  • How wanting children has affected the purchase of a car, house, vacations, and her job
  • Why Nadine suspected something was wrong because of her history of erratic cycles
  • The first RE appointment: bloodwork and ultrasound but no diagnosis, even though husband has low morphology
  • Two natural pregnancies that both ended in miscarriage
  • A hysteroscopy that showed scar tissue, blocked tube, and a polyp
  • How Nadine lost hope each time a transfer didn’t work
  • Finding peace with the idea of surrogacy
  • What Nadine remembers fondly: the small, encouraging moments
  • Four IUIs, then preparing for IVF
  • Why they took a 7-month break after the first failed IVF
  • The big mistake with their embryo that led them to change clinics and doctors
  • How Nadine’s work from home helped her balance it all
  • Nadine’s changes in lifestyle: vitamins, supplements, yoga, and exercise
  • What’s next? An ultrasound and bloodwork, and hopefully a frozen transfer in two weeks.
  • Nadine’s advice about changing clinics: “Go with your gut feeling rather than loyalty to your doctor. Always ask questions.”

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