Unicornuate Uterus & Endometriosis: Flannery’s Story [SUCCESS]

August 21, 2017


Today’s success story is about a woman named Flannery. Before infertility, she describes herself as independent, adventurous, and optimistic. However, over the years, she became more of a planner and worrier. She and her now husband met in 2011 and were married a couple years later. They are both introverts who are best friends and just enjoy spending time together. She was diagnosed with a uterine abnormality in 2014 — before they even started trying to conceive, so her journey is a bit different than most. Join us to hear how they pulled out all the stops during their first IVF cycle and what her preterm delivery means for the future of their family.

What you’ll hear in this episode:

  • At age 34, Flannery is a lawyer who loves hanging out with her husband, watching TV and movies
  • Before infertility, she was independent, adventurous, and optimistic and loved to travel
  • How she and her husband were introduced by a friend and became best friends
  • She always wanted to be a mom: “It was the only thing I knew for sure.”
  • Decisions on careers and buying a house: in preparation to have a family
  • Finding a uterine abnormality before even trying to conceive
  • The first RE, alternatives from the beginning, surgery, and endometriosis
  • Why Flannery never lost hope but thought things would happen for them quickly and easily
  • The fond memories of the egg retrieval on their 2nd anniversary
  • Timed intercourse, IVF, and success!
  • Finding out she was pregnant
  • Balancing work and treatment
  • Sacrificing savings to have a child
  • Flannery’s advice to others and the support groups she found
  • Risks associated with a unicornuate uterus
  • Pre-term labor, a c-section at 29 weeks, and NICU for over 6 weeks
  • Why their future family plans have changed, because they are terrified to risk pre-term labor again
  • How infertility has changed Flannery: “I’m grateful for everything I have now. It’s made me appreciative because it was hard to get here.”
  • Flannery’s advice to herself back then: “Trust your gut more. I had early concerns with my Ob and didn’t feel 100% confident that what they did was right for my situation. I was open about my experience and wished I had kept more to myself.”

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