Tubal Factor Infertility: Kalea’s Story [SUCCESS]

February 27, 2017

Topics in this episode:

Today’s success story is about a woman named Kalea. She always knew she wanted kids and even chose jobs throughout her career related to babies and pregnancy. After being told by her RE that both of her tubes were blocked, and one was even closed on both ends, she decided to remove both tubes to improve her IVF chances. Join us to hear how she felt so hopeless after her first failed IVF cycle, but with time and support came back stronger than ever.

What you’ll hear in this episode:

  • Kalea, at age 30, a self-described introvert who works at home for an online baby registry
  • Before infertility, Kalea was an active, opinionated, and carefree traveler
  • In 2005, she and husband, Nate, met in college and began their adventure together
  • Why Kalea’s interest has always gravitated toward caring for children and pregnancy, labor, and delivery
  • Becoming a birth doula, a midwife, and working at a clinic
  • Trying to get pregnant, assuming it would happen in time
  • The wake-up call that opened her eyes
  • The first RE appointment, basic tests, and a diagnosis
  • Devastating news and a sense of relief
  • The “IVF for Dummies” crash course rundown
  • A huge sense of loss of the dream
  • Why changing care providers made all the difference in the world
  • Surgery to remove tubes and increase IVF chances
  • The lowest moment and failure
  • Moving on, with time and counseling
  • Finally, insurance coverage for the second try
  • Why Kalea changed REs and said the staff “made her feel normal”
  • “Can I do this again? Am I strong enough?”
  • A changed protocol and a frozen transfer
  • Why they kept the second try private
  • Great news! A daughter coming soon!
  • What it’s like working in the baby and pregnancy world
  • Details about working with a naturopath for holistic medicine and preventative care
  • The monumental financial sacrifices
  • How infertility has given Kalea a different perspective
  • Kalea’s advice to herself back then: “The best step was to change doctors; I wish I would’ve researched more clinics in the beginning.”

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