BONUS 94: Therapy vs. Coaching When You’ve Received a Devastating Infertility Diagnosis

BONUS 94: Therapy vs. Coaching When You've Received a Devastating Infertility Diagnosis

Today’s Guest:

Today’s bonus episode guest is Dr. Maria Rothenburger, a psychotherapist who specializes in infertility. If you haven’t already listened to it, she shared her personal infertility story in Episode 18.

Dr. Rothenburger and Heather discuss everything you need to know about how to cope with a diagnosis of no viable eggs, sperm, or even uterus using therapy and coaching: 

  • Before we dive deep into today’s topic, I would love to hear the differences between therapy and coaching.
  • What tips do you have for finding the right therapist? What about the right coach?
  • For each of the following scenarios, I was hoping we could go through what the typical first several therapy and coaching sessions might look like, step-by-step.
    • My partner and I have just been told he has no sperm.
    • My partner and I have just been told I have no viable eggs.
    • My partner and I have just been told I cannot carry a child.
  • Is there anything else you’d like to add?

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Words of Hope:

If you feel the need to vent about stressful situations and negative emotions, then focus on therapy, not coaching. Click To Tweet


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