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Truly Uplifting

I live on the other side of the world with a very different health system but have still found this podcast incredibly useful. At the end of each guest’s interview they offer words of hope and advice for people just at the start of their infertility journey. I’m at the start of my journey and it feels like these amazing strong women are coming into my home, giving me hope and support it’s truly uplifting.


Extremely Informative

I found this podcast randomly on iTunes one day and am so glad I did. I have now gone to my doctor's appointments more informed and most of all, I don't feel so alone anymore. The ladies in the group speak the language of infertility and feel the feelings. No explanation needed. It has been amazing to know in my little corner of the world I'm not alone.


So Much Knowledge

I found this podcast because I was looking for other success stories of infertility. After having my son, the emotional pain didn't completely go away, and I wanted to see if that was normal. This podcast has given me so much more knowledge about the process than anything I found online, or learned from our fertility clinic. My husband and I struggled for 7 years, and were finally blessed to have our son through IVF. We will be trying to have another baby next year, much more educated than the last time. Thank you!


Helped Me at My Lowest

I found the podcast after the lowest time in our infertility journey. I honestly don't remember how I found it, but I'm so incredibly glad I did. The podcast and the group has helped me tremendously and I've shared it with several friends also struggling. Much love to the amazing Heather because no matter what is happening in her world, the episodes are delivered on time like clockwork. Thank you Heather for all you have done and creating a wonderful community of women to help each other through a truly difficult time.


Helps Get Me Through

When I feel angry, when I feel tired of it all, when I feel isolated, when I feel like I don't understand I can turn to the group or find a podcast that helps me get through that bad moment and out the other side with renewed hope, inspiration, education and most importantly the determination that one day I WILL be a mum.


Gives Me Hope

Beat Infertility is an amazing resource for anyone going through infertility. The success stories give me hope, and the bonus episodes are packed with quality information and the latest research from experts. Above all, hearing all of these stories makes me feel less alone in this journey. Thank you, Heather, for giving us this awesome gift!


We're in This Together

My family complete after a reproductive journey that rocked me to my core, I came to Beat Infertility as a way to help support others through theirs. I have been blown away by the smart, compassionate, warrior sisters of the group, and the information, empowerment, and inspiration I myself find here every day. No matter where any of us are on our journey, at Beat Infertility, I truly feel like we are all in this together.


Shown Me the Light

Infertility can feel so lonely and isolating. The podcast has helped me to realise that I'm not alone and that there is light at the end of this tunnel.


Invaluable Information

The Beat Infertility podcast provides women and even husbands going through the infertility journey invaluable information about all steps and processes, as well as a support network that ensures you never feel alone. Following the personal journey's, I find that I laugh and cry with the women on the podcast, and it always reminds me that I am not alone. With a subject that can be taboo, and so many simply don't understand, having this resource for information and support is simply amazing.


Renewed Hope

This podcast has renewed my hope. I was on the fence about seeking out a new RE. I happened to come across the Beat Infertility podcast and listened to quite a few of them before I worked up the courage to switch clinics. I have learned so much in the past few months and feel as though it was the right decision. I don't feel bad anymore about advocating for myself and pursuing all my options.


No Longer Alone

This podcast has educated me in ways that my RE wasn't able to and helped me figure out how to advocate for myself in the best way as we navigate this confusing process! I feel so much comfort hearing everyone's stories. I don't know anyone else personally who has struggled with this, so to know that I'm not alone is so helpful.


Helped Me at My Lowest

Thank you Heather for your podcast. I stumbled upon it when I was feeling my lowest. It has truly helped me put my journey into perspective.


Reassurance & Understanding

The Beat Infertility podcast has offered answers, reassurance and understanding in a world where you often feel alone. I am so thankful for the information provided in these podcasts and it's truly helped propel me forward when I felt lost, afraid, and uninformed. I draw strength from the knowledge and stories of others and look forward to every Monday and Friday when episodes are released. The bonus episodes offer the latest research based best practices that help me to ask informed questions and make decisions about treatment. Thank you so much Heather! Can't wait for many more!


Thank You

My husband and I have been trying to start a family for over a year and a half and listening to your podcast twice a week has brought me comfort in times that not much else could help. I’ve laughed and cried with you and your guests and almost every show I literally am nodding my head at some things that are brought up. It makes me feel not alone in a journey that can be so isolating. I started listening after my first miscarriage and it got me back into going for long walks and relieving some stress because I wouldn’t want to come back home until I was done with the show. So again, thank you, you’ve helped me more than I can say.


Dear Infertility Warrior,

Congratulations! You’ve just taken the all-important first step toward regaining your sanity. I’m so happy you’re here.

I’m your host Heather Huhman, and I wanted to take some time to tell you what I have planned for the show, as well as share my story.

Beat Infertility will share real stories from real women. Each episode will feature an interview with someone who, after being diagnosed with some form of infertility, finally had success in the last couple years. (Is this you, or someone you know? Click here.) Additionally, we will be following four or five people during their infertility journey and providing updates on how it’s going at the end of every episode. (Want to volunteer? Click here.)

This podcast is for you if:

  • You’ve been trying for a year or more to have a baby without success
  • You’ve been diagnosed with any form of infertility, including unexplained
  • You feel alone on your infertility journey
  • You feel like giving up and could use some hope on your infertility journey
  • You’re back to fertility treatments to try for baby #2
  • You know someone struggling with infertility and you want to understand what they’re going through

You’re probably wondering what prompted me to launch this podcast. Simply put, I am you, and I wanted to bring hope to not only other women struggling with infertility, but also myself.

I know what it’s like to feel inadequate as a woman, wife, daughter. I know what it’s like to want to hide from the world until I finally have a baby in my arms. I know what it’s like to feel like I can’t talk to my BFF about my struggles because she’s as fertile as they come and doesn’t understand. I AM YOU. Even when I one day find success, I will never forget where I came from.

Here’s the short version of my story (Episode 38 contains all the juicy details): I have been trying to have a baby for nearly four years and have still not been successful. During that time, I’ve had four miscarriages, seven IVF transfers, two IVF egg retrievals, and lost twins during delivery. I’ve watched friends — even infertile ones — have not one but two babies.

But for the first time in what feels like forever, I’m taking back control — and helping you do the same.

Can’t talk to your mom or BFF about your struggles because they are both fertile myrtles? Tune in to Beat Infertility. Had a rough day because you saw three new pregnancy announcements on Facebook? Tune in to Beat Infertility. Starting to give up hope you’ll ever have a baby? Tune in to Beat Infertility. You get the idea.

I’m here to give you a warm virtual hug when you’re down and high-five you when you’ve reached a milestone. Another BFF whispering in your ear, if you will.

I firmly believe it’s time to shed the old taboos about infertility and start talking openly about it. One in eight couples struggle with infertility! That’s too big to ignore. If you’re not ready to talk and just want to listen, that’s fine, too! But if you’d like to be one of the women we follow throughout her journey, or you’ve already had success and would like to share your story to give hope to others, please fill out this form.

Please hit up that form too if you have any suggestions for the show. This is all about YOU, so I want to bring you what you want and need most.

To start listening, I highly recommend starting with Episode 00. You can listen in the following ways:

Baby dust to you!

Your Friend & Host,
Heather Huhman