Secondary Unexplained Infertility: Nikki’s Story [SUCCESS]

64: Secondary Unexplained Infertility [SUCCESS]

Today’s Guest:

Today’s success story is about a woman named Nikki. Earlier in life, she didn’t think she even wanted to get married, let alone have a family. But all of that changed when she met her husband. After a whirlwind romance, they began trying to conceive and quickly became pregnant with their son. However, when it came time to try for baby #2, she suffered two miscarriages and sought the help of her OB/GYN. She was diagnosed with secondary unexplained infertility, but as a military family, she felt she’d be better off figuring out the answer on her own rather than pursuing a reproductive endocrinologist. Join us to hear how she never lost hope and in fact became more determined than ever after hearing her diagnosis.

What you’ll hear in this episode:

  • At age 35, Nikki lives now in Boulder, CO, after a recent move from Hawaii
  • How she met her husband and was engaged after only three months
  • Trying for a second child but experiencing multiple miscarriages
  • Her OB-GYN and the diagnosis: secondary unexplained infertility
  • Limited treatment options available to military families
  • Why Nikki became adamant about “figuring it out”
  • How acupuncture made a difference
  • Natural fertility planning, dietary changes, supplements, Chinese herbs, and visual meditations
  • Nikki’s regimen to find answers and strive for balance
  • Learning of the pregnancy: excited and terrified
  • How her journey has led to her profession now
  • Hypnotherapy and how it works, removing fears and blockages
  • Reiki: Japanese energy healing
  • How infertility has changed Nikki: “It’s made me more aware of the impact of infertility on others. I’ve become more compassionate and understanding about people’s ideas about motherhood, pregnancy, and loss.”
  • Nikki’s advice to herself back then: “It’s always about balance. Stay in balance. When you’re out of balance, you’ll have symptoms that are physical and emotional.”

Words of Hope:

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