BONUS 98: Seeking a Second Opinion Regarding Fertility Treatments

BONUS 98: Seeking a Second Opinion Regarding Fertility Treatments

Today’s Guest:

Today’s guest is Maja Zecevic, founder of Opionato. We discuss everything you need to know about obtaining a second opinion regarding your fertility treatment plan.

  • Before we get into today’s topic, I’d love to hear your personal infertility story.
  • Let’s do a deep dive into the reasons why listeners should seek out a second opinion regarding their fertility.
    • Non-life threatening situations where customers are left to make their own choices
    • Mostly self-paid, so providers have no incentive to save on cost
    • High failure rate, and the quickest approach might not be the best
    • Care is complicated when he has the medical problem but she is the patient
    • Care is multidisciplinary but not all clinics have the right experts on staff
    • Patients do not choose clinics rationally
    • Differing technologies and protocols
  • Other than what you’ve already discussed, are there certain signs it’s time for a second opinion?
  • How can a patient prepare to receive a second opinion? What information and paperwork do they need to gather from their current clinic?
  • What should a patient expect from a second opinion?
  • What tips do you have for choosing a clinic to provide a second opinion?
  • I’d like to hear about Opionato. Why did you start it, and what services do you offer?
  • Why might someone choose Opionato over a traditional clinic?
  • Is there anything else you’d like to add?

Words of Hope:

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