BONUS 143: Post-Traumatic Growth

BONUS 143: Post-Traumatic Growth

Today’s Guest:

Today’s bonus episode guest is Dr. Maria Rothenburger, a psychotherapist who specializes in infertility. If you haven’t already listened to it, she shared her personal infertility story in Episode 18.

Dr. Rothenburger and Heather discuss post-traumatic growth and how it relates to infertility: 

  • Pain is inevitable, but suffering is optional. Would you agree?
  • What is post-traumatic growth, and why might going through infertility cause it?
  • Let’s talk about the five pillars in more detail. What should listeners know about each one?
    • Appreciation of life
    • Relationships with others
    • New possibilities in life
    • Personal strength
    • Spiritual change
  • What are some steps listeners can take to grow from their pain?
  • If you are not yet at the point of infertility being a traumatic event, is there a way to prepare yourself for post-traumatic growth in advance?
  • How is post-traumatic growth different from resilience?
  • Is there anything else you’d like to add about this topic?

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Words of Hope:

In every waking moment, you have a choice to be a host to growth or a hostage to suffering. It is TOTALLY your choice. Click To Tweet


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