BONUS 141: All About Your Period

BONUS 141: All About Your Period

Today’s Guest:

Today’s bonus episode guest is Kirsten Karchmer, a board-certified reproductive acupuncturist and founder of Viv Wellness. We discuss everything you always wanted to know about menstrual periods but didn’t know who to ask.


  • What are some of the most persistent myths about periods?
  • What does a healthy cycle look like?
  • Is PMS normal?


  • What does the color of your period indicate?
  • Is a flow that is heavy, thick, and goopy normal? If not, what can be done to help it?
  • What does a watery period with a lot of clear mucus indicate?
  • Is spotting normal before and/or after full flow? How many days is acceptable, and at what point does it become a concern? What is a healthy ratio of flow to spotting? What about spotting both on BCP and off of it?
  • Why do we get clumps or clots, and does it indicate something may be wrong?


  • Is it okay to have really short and light periods? Does this indicate a lining problem?
  • What are the possible causes of long (35+ days) cycles?
  • How much variation in length is normal from cycle to cycle?


  • Although I got my period while on BCP, it has not returned since stopping the pills and only arrives while undergoing fertility treatments. What can I do to restart my period? Any idea why it hasn’t returned?
  • Why do doctors sometimes say they don’t really care if you get a period at the beginning of an IVF/FET cycle?


  • Is it really true that onset of menses at a young age (for example, 9 or 10 years old), coupled with painful menstruation going forward, indicates endometriosis? If not, when should someone be concerned they might have endo?
  • Can certain medications affect cycle length?
  • How does leaky gut or poor digestion affect your period?
  • Do periods change after pregnancy? Why, and in what way? Is it a cause for concern?


  • Is there anything else we haven’t already covered that you’d like to add about periods?
  • What words of hope would you offer to someone who’s still on their infertility journey right now?

Words of Hope:

Use your infertility struggle as an opportunity to get to know your body. The way to help a woman get pregnant is always to fix her cycle. It should be a 28-day cycle with about 4 days of bleeding. Improving cycles means improving health and fertility. Click To Tweet


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