PCOS & Recurrent Loss: Rachel’s Story [SUCCESS]

March 19, 2018

Topics in this episode:
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Today’s success story is about a woman named Rachel. She is a 38-year-old actor and podcaster who loves entertaining people and making them laugh. After about a year of trying to conceive, she saw her regular OB/GYN, was prescribed Clomid to help with ovulation, and quickly became pregnant. Unfortunately, her story doesn’t end there. Sadly, that pregnancy was ultimately terminated due to a Trisomy 21 diagnosis, which understandably sent Rachel into a deep depression. Join us to hear how her journey would ultimately lead her to a reproductive endocrinologist, involve multiple IUI and FET attempts, and result in additional losses before she finally became pregnant the old-fashioned way — a fact that her dog Apollo knew before she did.


What you’ll hear in this episode:

  • Rachel is a comedian who is pursuing a career in entertaining, although she previously had a corporate marketing career for 16 years
  • Before infertility, she was a lot more worry-free, bubbly, and never thought becoming pregnant would be an issue
  • How she met her husband at a nightclub in NYC when she was 17 and he was 23
  • They remained friends for a long time, then began dating, and now have been married almost 7 years
  • As a couple, they are very much in love and have stuck it out through good and bad; they love being parents together
  • Rachel has always loved babies and children and knew she wanted to be a mom
  • The decisions they have made around family-making: giving up their car and moving to the Upper East Side of Manhattan
  • They tried for about a year, then saw an Ob-gyn, and later, an RE, which gave them much hope
  • A PCOS diagnosis, but still much hope
  • Tracking ovulation, then Clomid brought terrible headaches
  • Three rounds of IUI with no success, then on to IVF
  • A fresh transfer of 2 embryos with 6 more frozen, and then three more successive transfers of two embryos each—NO success!
  • An endometrial disruption procedure and a new protocol at the suspicion of autoimmune problems
  • The RE recommended adoption after this and they were devastated
  • Rachel didn’t feel like herself but was “a crazy woman”—so they took a break
  • In 2012, they conceived naturally but tests later revealed Down Syndrome and they terminated the pregnancy at 16 weeks
  • Rachel felt broken and asked, “Why me?”
  • All the emotions, turning to faith, prayer, fertility acupuncture, and a superfood diet
  • They conceived again naturally, and their son was born in 2015
  • The utter celebration and joy through the pregnancy and his C-section birth
  • How Rachel’s dog, Apollo, knew she was pregnant before she did!
  • Some of Rachel’s tough moments: the intralipid transfusion and the RE’s thoughtless words, “Your oven is broken.”
  • Dealing with the depression after the loss and proving her strength
  • A fond memory of how those who love her took care of her in little ways
  • Balancing work and treatments with a fast-paced work environment
  • Insurance coverage for 80% of treatments but not for drugs
  • How Rachel’s relationship with her husband shows that support and love can persevere through any ups and downs
  • The story of how Rachel’s husband dealt with the emotional toll of their infertility journey and their loss
  • How Rachel’s relationships with friends and family became a little too close for comfort
  • How Rachel advocated for herself
  • How infertility has changed Rachel: “It has made me stronger and more educated. I want to preach and spread the word and let other women know that this subject should no longer be taboo.”
  • Rachel’s advice to herself back then: “Listen–but know there may be other options to explore.”

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Words of Hope:

Just when you think you've had enough and are done, know that everyone's battle is different. Find the hope because there is always a glimmer. Click To Tweet


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