PCOS, Pituitary Tumor & Recurrent Loss: Melissa’s Story [SUCCESS]

March 5, 2018

Topics in this episode:

Today’s success story is about a woman named Melissa. She is a 35-year-old attorney who enjoys reading, going for walks, playing soccer, and in general staying active. Following back-to-back miscarriages shortly after she married her husband, she stopped ovulating and sought the advice of a reproductive endocrinologist against the recommendation of her regular OB/GYN. Ultimately, she was diagnosed with PCOS and a pituitary tumor. After treating the tumor and inducing ovulation, she became pregnant again, only to miscarry once more. Join us to hear how she eventually became pregnant without medical intervention and delivered her son on his due date.

What you’ll hear in this episode:

  • Melissa lives in NC, works full-time, and loves soccer
  • Before infertility, she was optimistic with a type-A personality and thought, “Things were easy if I just worked hard.”
  • She met her husband when he became the new goalie on their soccer team; he asked her out that very first day and they have been inseparable since then
  • As a couple, they are closer than she ever imagined, even though they have dealt with continuous losses
  • How Melissa always wanted to be a mom, except when the love for her career in international law took over
  • Why she turned down a job opportunity in Europe to pursue fertility treatments
  • They tried to conceive right after their honeymoon, got pregnant right away, but an ultrasound later indicated no heartbeat
  • Still grieving, no period, and another quick pregnancy; her HCG levels rose but an ultrasound showed no baby!
  • Laparoscopic surgery to check out a strange spot on her ovary and perform a D & C; only later did tests confirm that the pregnancy was an intrauterine pregnancy
  • A maternal fetal medical doctor referred her to an RE and a fertility clinic
  • Diagnoses which were “really scary”: PCOS and a pituitary tumor
  • After another miscarriage (#3), they considered a child-free life and decided to step back and enjoy married life, when an accidental pregnancy occurred in January 2017
  • Now, she enjoys caring for her beautiful son, born last October
  • How Melissa lost hope “hundreds of times,” but always bounced back
  • A fond memory is how she has grown closer to her husband than she ever thought possible
  • Melissa’s joy to learn she would be a mom to the first of her four babies
  • The surprising cost of miscarriages, D & C’s, and exploratory surgeries
  • How relationships with family and friends changed because of her infertility journey when she “couldn’t see through the sadness”
  • How Melissa has always been a natural self-advocate
  • Her advice for others about advocacy: “Being educated is the best thing you can do. Understand the possible outcomes and what the doctor says. Don’t be afraid to ask and to question.”
  • How infertility changed Melissa: “It’s made me more empathetic for what others go through and changed my outlook on a lot of things. It’s made me realize that people are going through things and may be smiling on the outside while their whole soul is being crushed. I’m stronger now than I ever thought I could be.”
  • Melissa’s advice to herself back then: “Keep sticking it out and know that life takes unexpected turns. Try to roll with the punches and take it day by day.”

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