PCOS & Pelvic Congestion: Stephanie’s Story [JOURNEY]

December 10, 2018

Topics in this episode:

Today’s journey story is about a woman named Stephanie. She is a 23-year-old pretrial officer who enjoys playing with her dogs, being outside, and spending time with family. When she was 18, she was diagnosed with PCOS. Several months later, following a laparoscopy to search for endometriosis, her doctor discovered severe uterine scarring. She was told she would have significant trouble conceiving. Thinking it would be best to start trying early, over the next three years, she went to her regular OB/GYN for Clomid cycles. During that time, her husband had a semen analysis, which thankfully came back normal. She eventually started seeing a reproductive endocrinologist. Join us to hear how Stephanie has since undergone several failed IUI cycles — and what’s coming up next in her journey.

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What you’ll hear in this episode:

  • Before infertility, Stephanie was adventurous, outgoing, and strong
  • How she met her husband in high school–and they started hanging out together
  • As a couple, they are fun-loving and perfect for each other
  • How Stephanie wanted to be a mom once she met her husband
  • How wanting to be a mom has put her “in a cage” in every aspect of life
  • Her PCOS diagnosis at 16, and never having regular cycles
  • Why she saw an RE, who treated her for endometriosis, did a laparoscopy, and said her uterus was scarred, in terrible shape, and “congested”
  • In January 2015, she started on Clomid, but had no success
  • Fortunately, her husband’s sperm analysis came back with good results
  • When she met with the RE, he recommended a medicated IUI
  • In April 2018, they did their first IUI with no success, but have no insurance coverage for further IUI’s (her parents helped with the first treatments)
  • Extreme regret over not having the family they wanted and have planned for
  • Why her pelvic congestion wasn’t addressed, but might be something that can be remedied with repeat surgery
  • Why Stephanie stayed with her Ob instead of moving to an RE
  • Her first impression of the RE’s office: impressed with their helpful atmosphere and understanding and kind attitudes
  • How she felt at age 19, being told to start trying to get pregnant NOW
  • How infertility has affected Stephanie’s mental health, higher education, jobs, etc.
  • The lowest point: when she became so hopeful with the first IUI and then was really let down
  • A positive moment: when she became even closer with her mom and her husband
  • How they balanced work and treatment with crazy schedules and work shifts
  • Why she was open and up front with her boss about what she was going through
  • How her parents decided to help with financial costs
  • Why Stephanie has had to distance herself from some friends
  • What’s next in Stephanie’s journey is saving money for more IUI’s or even IVF
  • What keeps Stephanie hopeful: “Knowing how many people are supporting us and pulling for us to become parents.”


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