PCOS & Male Factor Infertility: Deena’s Story [JOURNEY UPDATE]

January 6, 2019

Topics in this episode:

Today’s journey update is about a woman named Deena, who you might remember from Episode 131. When we last spoke, she had had recently switched clinics and was planning an IVF cycle and an endometrial biopsy. Since then, completed both of those — and so much more. Join us to hear the latest in Deena’s journey.

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What you’ll hear in this episode:

  • At our last conversation, Deena was just starting with a new RE, trying to figure out their next steps
  • The RE recommended a Receptiva DX test, while Deena advocated for an ERA test, because she suspected endometriosis
  • The doctor found elevated natural killer cells
  • How Deena fixated on the estrogen priming that was planned prior to the IVF cycle last August, but they were not able to do it–which turned out to be a huge learning experience in letting go of some control
  • The long stay in Chicago to prepare for the egg retrieval at Fertility Centers of Illinois
  • The results of the egg retrieval were 18 eggs, 6 Day 5 blasts, and 3 genetically normal embryos, which were frozen: “I felt like we hit the lottery with three good embryos.”
  • How Deena had triggered early in the past, but the new clinic did things differently
  • The new-found success with Deena’s follicles, which produced better than ever before
  • How they handled the combination of medications and injectables
  • Why Deena continues with weekly acupuncture that she began in December 2016, but how the needles placed in the back seem to help the results
  • The differences with this cycle were the acupuncture and Deena’s higher level of fitness for this retrieval
  • A saline sonogram before the biopsy, then a hysteroscopy that found some tissue in the center of her uterus, which had to be cleaned out
  • Why Deena did this hysteroscopy with her regular Ob-gyn instead of at the fertility clinic
  • The biopsy, which was very painful– and several other tests
  • The ERA showed early receptivity, the Receptiva DX was negative, and the EIP was normal
  • The doctor recommended moving ahead with the transfer ASAP
  • How Deena felt about switching clinics: She was very happy about it, has had a very positive experience, and was able to give up some control because there weren’t as many communication issues
  • How infertility continues to change Deena:  “I’ve become more open about my infertility journey, but it’s been very empowering to be able to share about it.”
  • The family history of infertility with Deena’s aunts, and how intergenerational healing has taken place in the family
  • What has kept Deena hopeful: “My husband and I have switched roles at times, with my pessimistic feelings and his optimism. He’s given me a lot of hope and help. Of course, having more and more information at every step also helps us move forward with much hope.”


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