PCOS & Male Factor Infertility: Alysha’s Story [SUCCESS]

November 19, 2018

Topics in this episode:

Today’s success story is about a woman named Alysha. She is a 33-year-old sales professional and online boutique store owner who enjoys spending time with family and friends. She and her husband tried to conceive on their own for two years while undergoing regular acupuncture. When they didn’t have success, she decided it was time for a checkup with her regular OB/GYN. She suspected endometriosis, but a laparoscopy confirmed everything was clear and her tubes were open. They went on to try IUI three times, but each one failed. So, they decided to take several months off. When they began trying again after their break, they did one round of Clomid. That too was unsuccessful. At this point, she changed acupuncturists. The new one suggested she get tested for PCOS. Not long after, they moved on to IVF. Although they ended up with three blastocysts, her hormones were too high for a fresh transfer. Join us to hear how Alysha’s first FET resulted in a miscarriage, but she went on to become pregnant from her second.

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What you’ll hear in this episode:

  • Before infertility, Alysha was very social, extroverted, and loved to stay active, upbeat, and positive, while volunteering whenever possible
  • How she and her husband met at work after college, and worked together for five years
  • As a couple, they are social, busy, and driven
  • How Alysha always wanted to be a mom
  • Why she quit a demanding job and found one more conducive to work/family balance, saved money, and bought a house to prepare for kids
  • When they started trying, nothing happened, so she saw her Ob and was referred to another Ob who treated infertility
  • Endometriosis was suspected, but a subsequent laparoscopy showed no endo and clear tubes
  • They took a few months off, saved money for IUI, and started acupuncture
  • The first IUI with Clomid was unsuccessful, so the Clomid dosage was increased for the second and third IUI’s, all without success
  • Why Zika concerns from a trip to Texas made them delay the next IUI cycle
  • They met with an RE, who suggested that they start the IVF process even while pursuing the fourth IUI, which also failed
  • They looked for a new acupuncturist who specialized in infertility, and she asked about testing for PCOS, which ended up being Alysha’s diagnosis
  • For the IVF cycle, 24 eggs were retrieved and 3 embryos were frozen, because her progesterone levels were too high for a fresh transfer
  • The transfer was in August, followed by three beta tests, and a miscarriage right before the first ultrasound
  • They set up the next transfer right away and transferred both remaining embryos
  • Success! She was pregnant and delivered her daughter just a few weeks ago
  • Why Alysha decided to consult a medical professional in the beginning: “I just knew there was a problem.”
  • The first impression of the RE’s office was that they were friendly and caring, quick to answer questions, and really wanted their patients to succeed
  • Why Alysha saw another RE for a consultation and second opinion, but never switched from her first clinic
  • The relief of receiving a diagnosis of PCOS and male factor infertility
  • How her husband reacted to the male factor diagnosis
  • How fertility acupuncture impacted her journey in positive ways, along with a fertility coach, who helped her become more positive about her journey
  • How a fertility coordinator nurse and Alysha helped each other move forward in their efforts to become mothers
  • How the BI podcast helped Alysha know that she wasn’t alone, that there could be a positive outcome, and an end to the crazy journey
  • Why she was apprehensive about getting excited to be pregnant at first
  • Being honest with her boss, who was very supportive during her treatment
  • How they combined good insurance, a payment plan, savings, and loans from family members to make it all work financially
  • Why Alysha’s relationship with her husband has been impacted positively as they have learned to rely on each other
  • Being open with supportive friends who have helped at every turn, and finding great support from the very few family members who knew what they were going through
  • How Alysha had to advocate to get additional labs and a diagnosis and had to push adamantly to transfer two embryos
  • Tips for advocating: “Do your research and know why you want to take a certain step. Stand firm. Trust your doctor, but be prepared with your facts at each appointment.”
  • How infertility has changed Alysha: “It’s made me more sensitive to other people’s battles, even when some hide what they’re going through. It’s also opened my eyes to how difficult it can be to have a baby.”
  • Alysha’s advice to herself back then: “Don’t get caught up in EVERY step of the process. Look at the big picture and don’t lose yourself in the process.”


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