PCOS, Endometriosis & Male Factor: Liz’s Story [SUCCESS]

November 26, 2018

Topics in this episode:

Today’s success story is about a woman named Liz. She is a 32-year-old financial analyst who enjoys being outdoors, working out, watching movies, and spending time with her family. Six months after coming off of birth control, she still hadn’t ovulated or gotten her period, so she went to see her regular OB/GYN. She tried the ‘Provera challenge’ for another five months, but it was unsuccessful. So, she returned to her OB/GYN to discuss her options. She was immediately referred to a reproductive endocrinologist. A full fertility workup found she had PCOS with slight insulin resistance and mild endometriosis, and her husband had mild motility issues. She was put on a special diet and lost 15lbs over the next several months. At that point, it was time to try IUI. Join us to hear how Liz became pregnant from her second IUI cycle and is currently trying to conceive baby number two.

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What you’ll hear in this episode:

  • Before infertility, Liz always had a plan and was a control freak
  • She met her husband at work, and they knew each other for about six months before dating
  • As a couple, they are opposites, with him being mellow and “go with the flow,” while she likes to be in control
  • She always wanted to be a mom, and that desire increased as her friends started having babies
  • She wanted to change jobs and have more flexibility and work/life balance, so they bought a house with room for kids and near great schools
  • In January 2015, she went off birth control, but never got a period; she saw her Ob and started the Provera challenge with no luck
  • Back to the OB, where motility issues were found with her husband’s sperm
  • They were referred to a RE, who was eager and confident that he could help them; he found slight PCOS issues, mild endo, and slight insulin resistance
  • He suggested Letrozole and IUI, and Liz lost 15 lbs on a low carb diet
  • After a HSG test to check her tubes and a hysteroscopy to check her uterus, she started Letrozole and the first IUI was unsuccessful
  • Her husband pushed her to give IUI another chance, so they moved forward
  • They did supplements to improve fertility, including CoQ10, L-carnitine, and vitamin E
  • With the second IUI, Liz took pregnancy tests 10 days later—and they were all positive
  • Her son is now 18 months old and she is thankful for the RE who made it happen for them
  • Liz explains the Provera challenge and how it works
  • Why she started with her OB–because she thought an RE wouldn’t see her until she had tried for at least a year
  • The initial impression of the RE and clinic: wonderful, warm, and welcoming, with a personable, calm, and collected doctor: “His end goal was our end goal.”
  • Why her husband had a semen analysis at another RE’s office
  • How her husband handled his diagnosis with grace and motivated her with his support
  • The lowest points, when friends around her kept getting pregnant easily and the heartbreaking moment when they learned that the first IUI had failed
  • How they recovered by giving themselves a couple of days of grace to regroup
  • The positive moment as she and her husband grew closer and closer
  • Liz’s open relationship with her friends and family as she learned to communicate better
  • How her mom and mother-in-law were her biggest cheerleaders
  • The experience of working together on the same team while going through treatment
  • Tips for telling your boss about your infertility struggles and treatments
  • The relief of having total insurance coverage for all workups, all meds, and all procedures
  • The anxiety, guilt, and fear Liz felt–and how the BI podcast helped
  • How she always doubted that IUI would really work for them
  • How infertility changed Liz: “It made me realize that I can’t control everything. I need to let things happen and not try to plan everything. It’s taught me to live a little more in the moment.”
  • Liz’s advice to herself back then: “Let it go–and breathe.”


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