BONUS 91: Parenting After Infertility

February 24, 2017

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Today’s bonus episode guest is Dr. Maria Rothenburger, a psychotherapist who specializes in infertility. If you haven’t already listened to it, she shared her personal infertility story in Episode 18.

Dr. Rothenburger and Heather discuss popular myths surrounding parenting after infertility:

  • Once I have a child I won’t even remember our infertility.
  • I won’t be overprotective of my child.
  • I will feel so grateful after having just one healthy child that I won’t feel sad if I am unable to ever have a second child.
  • Parenting a child who came to me through donor sperm, donor egg, or adoption will be exactly like parenting a child who is genetically related to both of us.
  • It is just as easy to raise twins as a singleton child.
  • After waiting this long and working this hard to have a baby, I’ll bond immediately to the baby.
  • My partner and I became so close during our journey to parenthood that we will never forget to carve out our time to be alone with each other after we have children.
  • If I have a child through donor egg, sperm, embryo, surrogacy, or adoption, I’ll never feel like I’m the real mother/father.
  • Because I will be so excited to have this child, I am unlikely to experience any postpartum depression.
  • Waiting to tell my child conceived by third party reproduction about her/his genetic origins until she/he is a teenager is a good idea because she/he will be able to understand it better.
  • I will be a perfect parent and never complain about my role as parent.
  • My child will be a perfect child.

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