Ovulation Disorder: Rebecca’s Story [SUCCESS]

March 27, 2017

Topics in this episode:

Today’s success story is about a woman named Rebecca. She’s a nurse practitioner with a history of thyroid cancer, but when she and her husband started trying to conceive, she was surprised to learn she also had an ovulation disorder, elevated natural killer cells, possible endometriosis, and egg quality issues. When finally faced with IVF, she assumed it would work on the first try, and her world came crashing down when that didn’t happen. Join us to hear to how her journey and resources like this podcast transformed her into a self-advocate, which ultimately led to her success.

What you’ll hear in this episode:

  • At age 31, Rebecca and her husband recently moved from FL to NY
  • As a Type A personality, before infertility she was more carefree and less anxious
  • How she met her husband on a college spring break in the Bahamas; now, they complement each other and form a great team
  • All the obstacles to overcome!
  • The first RE appointment with an ultrasound that showed no ovulation
  • When everything fell apart and hope was lost
  • How the Beat Infertility podcast helped
  • Rebecca’s treatments: timed intercourse, IUI, and then IVF
  • Exciting news!
  • Explaining to an unsupportive boss about how much time off you need
  • Sacrifices to afford treatment: keeping a less than ideal job for the insurance coverage
  • Advocating for yourself
  • How to overcome frustration with lack of communication from your clinic
  • Advice to others: “Trying to reign in your emotion is hard. Be direct about what you need from your doctor and nurse.”
  • How infertility has changed Rebecca: “It’s made me more empathetic and understanding.”
  • Rebecca’s advice to herself back then: “Give yourself grace.”

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Words of Hope:

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