Ovarian Dysfunction: Rachel’s Story [SUCCESS]

July 24, 2017


Today’s success story is about a woman named Rachel. Before infertility, she was always adventurous, driven, and spontaneous — definitely not a planner. Although she and her now husband went to the same high school, they didn’t start dating until later in life and got married when she was 35. Her mother having her under challenging circumstances impacted her view of motherhood, but she always assumed she’d one day be a mother and started trying to conceive on her wedding night. Join us to hear how she eventually went through multiple IUIs and one round of IVF before ultimately finding success with donor eggs.

What you’ll hear in this episode:

  • Rachel, who just turned 40, works as a criminal defense attorney in private practice with her husband
  • They live in northern CA with their two Great Danes, and enjoy hiking, running, yoga, and all outdoor activities
  • Life before infertility: adventure, travel, and spontaneity
  • How she and her husband became acquainted after high school and during law school, but met again years later and fell in love
  • Why this couple’s relationship is easy, fun, and drama-free
  • Why Rachel is affected by her mother’s challenges when she was born
  • How trying to have a baby has impacted their lives
  • The first RE appointment, after 8 months of trying
  • Tests, NO diagnosis, an egg retrieval with no mature eggs, and NO answers
  • Losing hope with the first IVF cycle: “We’d pinned all our hopes on this cycle.”
  • Taking a break to grieve and heal
  • Considering donor eggs
  • Healing through acupuncture and yoga until she was tired of being depressed
  • A fond memory? “Doing injections with my husband, because he would make me laugh, and meeting our egg donor for the first time.”
  • Timed intercourse, four IUI’s, HSG test, and IVF
  • Financial constraints and donor eggs
  • A positive pregnancy test for the first time ever
  • Why Rachel resigned her job as a public defender to eliminate stress and prepare for pregnancy
  • Giving time and space to focus on health, wellness, and pregnancy
  • Financial sacrifices and loans from family that are still being paid off
  • How infertility has changed Rachel: “ It’s made me a lot stronger and grateful for every moment with my daughter. I wouldn’t change anything to have my own genetic child because I’m so grateful for the person she is. I’m firm in my beliefs that things happen for a reason. We sometimes have to go through challenging things to get to something more beautiful.”
  • Rachel’s advice to herself back then: “Take the blame off yourself and don’t feel guilty.”

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