BONUS 113: How to Naturally Prepare for an IVF Cycle

BONUS 113: How to Naturally Prepare for an IVF Cycle

Today’s Guest:

Today’s guest is Heidi Brockmyre. A licensed acupuncturist based in San Diego, she uses holistic medicines to improve the well-being of women who are trying to conceive, are pregnant, or are in postpartum recovery. We discuss how to naturally prepare for an IVF cycle.

  • Tell me your story. What do you do, and how did you get into this line of work?
  • Today we’re going to be talking about how to naturally prepare for an IVF cycle. I’d like to do a deep dive into each of your tips:
    • Prepare in advance
    • Stock up on positivity, inspiration and humor!
    • Eat the right foods
    • Chillax
    • Warm the abdomen BEFORE your transfer — and keep your feet warm before and after
    • Stay hydrated with electrolytes (but preferably NOT with Gatorade)
    • Avoid high-impact exercise and heavy lifting
    • Practice self-acupressure point stimulation
  • Is there anything else you’d like to add?

Words of Hope:

I’ve seen women who have been through it all on their journeys, and they were still able to find joy and balance. Click To Tweet


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