MTHFR & Recurrent Pregnancy Loss: Laurie’s Story

16: MTHFR & Recurrent Pregnancy Loss

Today’s Guest:

Our success story today is Laurie. She was diagnosed with the MTHFR gene mutation, her husband has chromosomal issues, and they have suffered several recurrent pregnancy losses. 

They began trying in 2004 when Laurie was 36 years old. Because of the genetic issues involved, Laurie’s journey progressed rapidly to IVF, where the embryos could be tested for the genetic issues.

Laurie shares candidly about the depth of her emotions and how those emotions spurred her to stronger determination and motivation. She also shares details about her IVF cycles’ successes and failures along the way. 

The only success that matters, however, is the fact that she is now the mother of TWO children.

Words of Hope:

In the long-term, the odds WILL be in your favor. Gather your support system and KEEP GOING! Click To Tweet

Whom We’re Following:

Welcome back to Simone, who told her story in our second episode. Her husband has male factor infertility, and her cycles are infrequent. Her journey spans two continents, several failed pregnancies, and several rounds of IVF. When we last talked with Simone, she was preparing for her fourth IVF round.



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