Male Factor Infertility: Sara’s Story [SUCCESS]

September 25, 2017

Topics in this episode:

Today’s success story is about a woman named Sara. Reflecting upon her life before infertility, she notes feeling very stressed at the time, of course not knowing how much more complicated life was going to become. She always knew she wanted to be a mom, which resulted in babysitting at an extremely young age and playing with dolls much longer than most. A year before she and her husband officially started trying to conceive, she went off the pill and started religiously tracking her cycles with the help of a naturopath. Eventually, they ended up at a fertility clinic with a male factor diagnosis. Join us to hear how they went through 9 rounds of IUI to conceive their son and even IVF failed them when it came to baby No. 2.

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What you’ll hear in this episode:

  • Sara, almost 42, owns a gym and does a podcast called The Shameless Mom Academy
  • She is always focused on serving women, and loves reading personal development books, walking, listening to podcasts, and her early morning workouts
  • Before infertility, she was a control freak with a type-A personality living a stressful life
  • How she met her husband at a wedding, under the influence of much tequila!
  • As a couple, they are fun-loving and an “interesting combination of similarities and differences”
  • How Sara wanted to be a mom from the day she was born
  • How working with children in a psych environment led to a career change
  • With busy lives and businesses, “How will we fit a child into our lives?”
  • How planning for motherhood helped build a business focused on motherhood
  • Why her son in full-time child care makes her a better mom
  • The pill, possible early PCOS, and a crazy cycle
  • The first “happy” visit to Seattle Reproductive Medicine for sperm analysis
  • The awful visit to the male infertility specialist: “Your best option will be adoption, so start looking into that.”
  • The emotional toll of the diagnosis and trying to keep up with life
  • Why Sara never lost hope but kept looking to other options and changing her perspective
  • A fond memory? The first real positive pregnancy test
  • IUI’s, fertility acupuncture, lifestyle changes, and finally—success!
  • Considering a second child while in the throes of motherhood’s challenges
  • Two rounds of IUI and relief at the failures: “Let’s wait.”
  • IVF after much research, 6 eggs, 2 viable embryos, and bad news from genetic testing
  • How infertility has changed Sara: “It’s made me really grateful for what I have. I see magic around me every day in my son. I appreciate motherhood in a different way and I’m more aware of women’s journeys and have more empathy.”
  • Sara’s advice to herself back then: “You can create your own outcome, no matter what. There are many ways to ‘mother’.”

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