Male Factor Infertility: Miranda’s Story [SUCCESS]

104: Male Factor Infertility [SUCCESS]

Today’s Guest:

Today’s success story is about a woman named Miranda. She’s a 33-year-old maternal and fetal medicine researcher who likes to read, listen to podcasts, and spend time with her pets and family. Before infertility, she says she was blessed to have not suffered any great losses in her life, although that of course has since changed. Before she and her husband began trying to conceive, she went off the pill and instead prevented pregnancy using the fertility awareness method. A couple years later when they were ready to start their family, they used charting and timed intercourse. After about 8 months without success, they found themselves at a fertility clinic with a male factor infertility diagnosis. After 6 rounds of IUI, they were ready to switch clinics and try IVF. Join us to hear how they suffered a miscarriage following PGS testing and finally found success with a frozen embryo transfer.

What you’ll hear in this episode:

  • Miranda met her husband in 2007 after her friend and his roommate played matchmaker; they’ve been married 5 years
  • As a couple, they complement each other well: “He is super considerate and selfless and I’ve always felt well-supported by him.”
  • As a little girl, Miranda always knew she wanted to be a mother
  • Her doula training and all her study and research about pregnancy and childbirth have sprung from her desire to be a mother
  • They started trying right after their marriage, charting cycles and ovulation
  • After an Ob referral to an RE, their diagnosis was low sperm count and low morphology
  • Her husband had surgery for varicoceles at age 20, and they had re-formed
  • Three IUI’s without meds, three with meds, and preparing for IVF
  • Why they changed clinics for IVF and opted for PGS testing on their embryos
  • Pregnancy! A miscarriage at 13 weeks when an ultrasound showed no heartbeat
  • Tests on the fetus showed probable trisomy-18 and a probable mosaic embryo
  • Another round of IVF to collect more embryos, a transfer of one embryo, pregnancy, and a 7-month-old daughter now
  • Why they had the selective reduction conversation
  • How Miranda lost a lot of hope after the miscarriage because the prognoses were always so optimistic
  • How they dealt with grief and loss through support groups: “I needed to do more than just talk about it.”
  • A beautiful moment of hope and excitement after the first embryo transfer
  • How they first found out they were pregnant
  • Why they chose a new fertility clinic in another state
  • How their marriage relationship was strengthened and how relationships with others were affected
  • How Miranda learned to advocate for herself after having difficulty with the doctor/patient dynamic
  • Miranda’s tip: You should feel empowered to give feedback about what you need!
  • How infertility has changed Miranda: “I’m much more aware of suffering and more sensitive to loss and other people’s difficult times and what they really need.”
  • Miranda’s advice to herself back then: “I had to protect my heart and not plan or hope too hard. I would allow myself to hope if I could go back.”

Words of Hope:

Use your imagination to think about your future family and plan for it. Allow yourself to go there. Click To Tweet


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