Male Factor Infertility: Emily’s Story [SUCCESS]

109: Male Factor Infertility [SUCCESS]

Today’s Guest:

Today’s success story is about a woman named Emily. She is 33 years old and works for a hotel association in Toronto. Although she and her husband grew up in the same town, they didn’t meet until later in life at a party. Now six years later, Emily says they really grew up together as a couple. She was an only child who was envious of people with siblings and therefore always wanted a larger family. At around 6 months of trying to conceive, she started to suspect something was wrong and saw a RE a few months later. They underwent initial testing and headed abroad for vacation. After coming home, they learned her husband had no sperm. Join us to hear how he underwent testicular surgery to search for viable sperm, but ultimately they found success with a donor.

What you’ll hear in this episode:

  • For fun, Emily enjoys spending time outdoors with her dog, family, and friends
  • Before infertility, she was driven to achieve goals and was optimistic about life and had a happy, social personality
  • After Emily and her husband met at a party, he pursued her and their first date soon followed
  • As a couple, they are strong and playful and love to laugh together
  • How she wanted a larger family and wanted to be a young mom
  • They moved back to their hometown, bought a house built for children, and she stayed at a job—all as they prepared to welcome a child
  • After 9 months of trying, they knew that something was wrong
  • The first RE appointment: overwhelming, but she still suspected a minor, fixable issue
  • The impact of Emily’s infertility journey on relationships and support from the BI community
  • Why Emily felt naturally able to advocate for herself and to be open and talk about infertility
  • Emily’s tips for advocating
  • How infertility has changed Emily: “It’s made me where I don’t always expect things to go my way. I’m so grateful to be where we are. It’s made me more open to accept help when I need it.”
  • Emily’s advice to herself back then: “Hang in there. There were times that were hard and times full of anger at what we were having to go through!”

Words of Hope:

Your infertility journey might be long or short, and it could be something minor or major. Remember what's most important to you. Hang on to that hope and perseverance. Give it your all. Click To Tweet


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