BONUS 140: Some Families Take ‘Extra’ [INFERTILITY AUTHOR]

February 2, 2018


Today’s bonus episode guest is Kaeleigh MacDonald, an infertility survivor and author of Extra!. She discusses her personal infertility story, her new children’s book, and what it’s like to be a writer and infertility advocate.


  • Tell me a bit about yourself. How old are you, what do you do for a living, what do you do for fun, etc.?
  • Think about life before infertility. Back then, how would you describe you as a person?
  • Tell me about when you first met your husband.
  • How would you describe you and your husband as a couple?
  • Tell me about the moment when you first knew you wanted to be a mom.
  • How has longing to be a mom impacted other life decisions?


  • Take us through your infertility journey from start to finish. What was your diagnosis and when did you receive it, what exactly did you do to try to build your family, and what eventually ended up working?


  • Before writing this book, you were blogging at Unpregnant Chicken. How do you feel your blog journey has shaped and informed this book?
  • How did conceiving your son through IVF inspire you to write this book?
  • How did you start writing this book? How did the idea come to you?
  • Who is the intended audience of the book?
  • What is the age range for this book? Why did you pick that specific range?
  • What kinds of conversations do you hope the book will kick off within the families who are reading it together?
  • The tagline for the book is “All families are special… but some families take ‘extra’.” Why did you pick that as your go-to line, and what does being ‘extra’ mean to you?
  • The hashtag for the blog book tour is #MyFamilyTookExtra. Tell me more about why you chose that.
  • The story in this book is so adorable. The information about conception is presented, but it’s not the main focus of each page. Why did you write it in this way?
  • Do you think it is important to talk about conception stories with children, especially ART conceived kids?
  • You’ve talked a lot in your blog about accepting your infertility diagnosis and embracing your convoluted road to parenthood. How does this book support that vision for parents after infertility?
  • Why did you choose the style of illustration you did?
  • What did you learn through the process of writing this book?
  • What’s next for you as a writer?


  • What is the hardest part about being an infertility advocate?
  • What is the best part about being an infertility advocate?


  • Where can listeners buy the book?
  • What final parting thoughts would you like to leave with listeners?

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Words of Hope:

Infertility has been one of the hardest and most incredible things in my life. It can be your triumph and not just a shameful, dark secret that gets buried. Let it make you extra! Click To Tweet


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