Irregular Cycles: Wende’s Story [SUCCESS]

November 12, 2018

Topics in this episode:

Today’s success story is about a woman named Wende. She is a 41-year-old teacher who enjoys going on adventures with her family. After a year of trying to conceive, she sought treatment from her regular OB/GYN. She was prescribed Clomid and told to come back in six months if she wasn’t pregnant. Six months later, she changed OB/GYNs and switched up her protocol. Several months later, exploratory surgery found mild endometriosis. At this point, she moved on to a reproductive endocrinologist. For the next few years, she tried low-intervention treatments, added in acupuncture, and started thinking about adoption or foster care. Four years into her journey, her fertility clinic offered a special deal on IVF cycles, and she jumped at the chance. Join us to hear how Wende became pregnant with her son on the first try and has two remaining frozen embryos despite that cycle only producing four that were viable.

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What you’ll hear in this episode:

  • Before infertility, Wende was independent, having lived on her own for quite awhile
  • How she met her husband online, and then they talked on the phone before meeting in person, where they laid out their beliefs and values and bonded over faith, jobs, and family backgrounds
  • As a couple, they stay busy with volunteering and make efforts to prioritize their family time
  • Wende always loved children and knew she would be a mom someday
  • How her career and location near family reflected her desire to have children
  • Since she married at age 33, they started trying to conceive during their second year of marriage
  • She saw her doctor, was put on Clomid, and told to come back later if she didn’t get pregnant
  • She saw another doctor, who started troubleshooting right away and recommended a laparoscopy
  • During this time, they took in a child from Belarus for a short time, and their eyes were opened to the possibility of adoption or foster care
  • No real problems were found during surgery, except mild endometriosis, and she was devastated when the doctor suggested a treatment to “give her uterus a rest” and “put her into menopause” for a year–which would further delay her family
  • Her mom recommended that she see a specialist, and he gave her other options and hope, for the first time in her journey
  • Medications, shots, and fertility acupuncture
  • When her husband’s grandmother gifted them a large sum of money, they seriously considered moving to IVF for the first time, but cost was still a huge obstacle
  • When her fertility clinic offered a half-price IVF special for teachers, they jumped at the chance, got a loan, and used their savings to make it happen
  • With 16 eggs retrieved, they got four viable embryos, transferred two, and she became pregnant with their son, now four years old
  • How she was overjoyed to finally be pregnant and “feel like a woman”
  • Why she started with her regular Ob instead of seeing an RE in the beginning
  • The first impression of the fertility clinic: a welcoming, upbeat atmosphere and personalized care
  • Her struggle with antidepressants and having to switch to one that was safe during pregnancy
  • How she feels about pursuing Child #2 and the challenges that decision brings: Wende’s current “dilemma”
  • Wende’s lowest point, when others around her were getting pregnant when she couldn’t
  • A positive moment, when she came to terms with the possibility of adopting or fostering
  • The relationship with her husband and how they felt the pressure of wanting to have a baby
  • Why she only told a few people about IVF, but felt very supported by the friends they had told
  • How infertility has changed Wende: “Nothing in my journey has gone the way I thought it would go. Every moment we spend with our son is precious and treasured. Infertility has also made me realize how much research I need to do regarding my health and not be afraid to share my story to give hope to others.”
  • Wende’s advice to herself back then: “Chill out and relax. Don’t worry about what you can’t fix. Be thoughtful about decisions you make about your body.”


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