BONUS 119: How to Cope with Infertility Survivor’s Guilt

September 8, 2017


Today’s bonus episode guest is Dr. Maria Rothenburger, a psychotherapist who specializes in infertility. If you haven’t already listened to it, she shared her personal infertility story in Episode 18.

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Dr. Rothenburger and Heather discuss how to cope with infertility survivor’s guilt:

  • What is infertility survivor’s guilt, and how can you recognize it’s happening to you?
  • Does survivor’s guilt tend to impact men and women differently?
  • Tips for coping:
    • Try not to compare journeys.
    • Let go and realize you cannot control the outcome for other people.
    • Remember it’s not your fault other people are battling infertility.
    • Know that they are not mad at you for beating infertility.
    • Ask them how you can help.
    • Balance your empathy for others.
    • Talk to them about it — and listen.
    • Seek counseling if you need additional help coping.
    • Become an advocate.
    • Become inspired by other people’s journeys.
    • Turn your guilt into something positive.
    • Honor others battling infertility by living the best life you can.
    • Find gratitude amidst the guilt.
    • Remember that you are not alone.
  • Is there anything else you’d like to add?

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