BONUS 99: Infertility Rights in the Workplace

BONUS 99: Infertility Rights in the Workplace

Today’s Guest:

Today’s guest is Tom Spiggle, owner of The Spiggle Law Firm. We discuss everything you need to know about infertility rights in the workplace.

  • Tell me about your background and why you’re the right person to discuss workplace rights for those with infertility.
  • Can you provide us with an overview of the ADA in general?
  • How does the ADA apply to infertility insurance?
  • What are ‘reasonable accommodations’ under the ADA and how does this apply to people with infertility?
  • Does the Affordable Care Act provide any benefits for people with infertility, and do you expect this to change under the new administration?
  • Does the FMLA provide protected leave for people with infertility?
  • How does the Pregnancy Discrimination Act and Title VII of the Civil Rights Act apply to people with infertility?
  • Are there any pending cases or legislation that might change anything we’ve discussed today?
  • If someone with infertility believes their workplace rights are being violated, what steps should they take?
  • Is there anything else you’d like to add?

Words of Hope:

There are many options for women facing infertility issues in the workplace and the protections are pretty broad. Click To Tweet


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