High Prolactin: Mindi’s Story [SUCCESS]

105: High Prolactin [SUCCESS]

Today’s Guest:

Today’s success story is about a woman named Mindi. She is a 37-year-old library media specialist and an avid runner who likes to read and cook. Before infertility, she was very laid back and had a very full life. She and her husband are high school sweethearts who have been together for more than 20 years. They started trying to conceive in August 2013, but after several months without a period, she requested her OB run some tests and learned that she had high prolactin. At the time, she felt relieved because it was easily treatable. Sure enough, a few months later, she found out she was pregnant. Unfortunately, she ended up miscarrying. Join us to hear how she finally felt ready for IVF after 3 IUI cycles and became pregnant with her son after PGS testing and a frozen embryo transfer.

What you’ll hear in this episode:

  • They are a non-traditional couple who married after being together for many years and became “the ultimate team”
  • They didn’t have an interest in having kids for a long time, made the decision together, and moved forward rapidly
  • After having no cycle for a while, tests revealed a high prolactin diagnosis
  • About eight months later, ovulation, pregnancy, and an unfortunate miscarriage
  • Timed intercourse with meds, three failed IUI’s, and then on to IVF
  • PGS testing on embryos revealed two genetically normal sons—one was transferred and is now 6 months old!
  • When Mindi lost hope: during the egg retrieval cycle of IVF, when they were told NOT to expect great results
  • A fond moment: finding out there were two genetically normal boys
  • Five days after the transfer: finding out she was pregnant!
  • Why she chose to transfer only one embryo and save the other for a later pregnancy
  • Balancing work and treatment
  • How insurance covered some testing procedures but not treatments
  • How her relationship with her husband grew closer and stronger
  • The benefits of support groups, especially the Beat Infertility community
  • The benefits of a supportive and loving family during infertility
  • Advocating for herself and others to help the healing process
  • Tips for others: seek out support groups like BI and Resolve
  • After a difficult pregnancy and a complicated delivery, her son’s birth was “something I had waited my whole life for”
  • How infertility changed Mindi: “It’s made me a more vocal advocate and made me realize I have strength I didn’t know I had.”
  • Mindi’s advice to herself back then: “Calm down and try to enjoy what you have. It’s easy to get wrapped up in the negatives. Keep going and keep surviving.”

Words of Hope:

It may not look like you thought it would look, but it will happen for you in some way. Click To Tweet


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