High Prolactin: Meg’s Story [SUCCESS]

August 7, 2017

Topics in this episode:

Today’s success story is about a woman named Meg. She and her husband, who were married three years ago, both come from big families and hoped to conceive a honeymoon baby. Before infertility, she worked practically around the clock but loved work and her life in general. However, once they actively started trying, she found herself consumed by infertility and all the negative emotions it evokes. Once she was diagnosed with high prolactin levels, she was optimistic because the problem is so easily fixable. But alas, it wasn’t that simple. Join us to hear how her journey led her to try timed intercourse, IUI, and IVF before ultimately conceiving her son.

What you’ll hear in this episode:

  • Meg, now 31, formerly worked in hospitality management, but now enjoys full-time motherhood
  • Before infertility, Meg was an outgoing “people person” who enjoyed life to the fullest
  • How she met her husband, became friends, started dating, and are now into their third year of marriage
  • How they dealt with the stress of infertility as a couple
  • From big families, they were “always ready for kids”
  • How they planned a life full of children
  • Why they saw a RE after a year of trying, experienced insurance difficulties, and ended up with multiple doctors
  • Relief and optimism at a diagnosis of high prolactin
  • How Meg lost hope after an unsuccessful IVF retrieval
  • Regaining hope by focusing attention on other options to have a family
  • Why Meg remembers fondly the encouragement from the BI podcast
  • Timed intercourse, 3 IUIs, and 2 IVFs
  • From total failure in IVF to total success
  • Pregnant with twins, but lost one baby at 13 weeks
  • How acupuncture and CoQ10 helped Meg
  • Why Meg wasn’t sure about motherhood happening for her until her son was placed on her chest
  • Balancing work and treatment
  • Problems with insurance coverage
  • The joy when her son was born
  • How infertility changed Meg: “I used to be a planner, but I’ve learned to let go and let life happen.”
  • Meg’s advice to herself back then: “Try not to compare yourself to others. That put a lot of stress on me.”

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