BONUS 144: FertilityIQ Research Update: Financing Infertility

BONUS 144: FertilityIQ Research Update: Financing Infertility

Today’s Guest:

Today’s bonus episode guest is Jake Anderson, co-founder of FertilityIQ. We discuss the most family building-friendly workplaces, new data around IVF refund packages and programs, and IVF grants and charities.


  • Can you provide a brief overview of FertilityIQ and how you collect and analyze data?


  • How has IVF volume and cost grown in recent years, and is it expected to continue that trajectory in the future?
  • How has the number of companies covering fertility diagnostics and treatments changed in recent years, and how many patients remain uncovered?
  • When it comes to workplace fertility benefits, what three dimensions did you analyze and across what industries?
  • Tell us about some highlights across the different industries.
  • When it comes to ranking the most generous employers, what factors did you analyze and who were the big winners?
  • What are some companies that added or expanded their benefits in the last year?
  • Do you have any advice about how to uncover a company’s fertility-related benefits prior to accepting a job offer?
  • Is there anything else you’d like to add about this report?


  • What are the differences between plans that offer a refund and “plain treatment packages”?
  • What were your major takeaways from this research?
  • Not all clinics offer these options and instead suggest patients go through third-party providers. Can you talk a little bit about those?
  • Many patients don’t know that not everyone qualifies for refund programs. Talk to us about this.
  • According to your research, are refund programs and plain treatment packages good deals? Why or why not?
  • Is there anything else you’d like to add about this report?


  • FertilityIQ has compiled a list of grants and charities that offer financial help for infertility patients. How did you pull this list together?
  • What are some of the grants or charities that listeners might not already be familiar with?
  • FertilityIQ offered its own grant in 2017, correct? Tell us about that.
  • Is there anything else you’d like to add about IVF grants and charities?


  • What’s new at FertilityIQ (RESOLVE partnership, online courses, etc.)?
  • What else does FertilityIQ have planned for 2018?

Words of Hope:

FertilityIQ is an attempt by my wife and me to get patients more clarity and detail on treatment that we had ourselves a few years ago. We're doing everything we can to get patients to provide us more info so others can read it. Click To Tweet


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