Endometriosis & Poor Egg Quality: Kelly’s Story [SUCCESS]

July 9, 2018

Topics in this episode:

Today’s success story is about a woman named Kelly. She is a 33-year-old physician liaison who enjoys [traveling and yoga. Years before trying to conceive, she had surgery twice to remove endometriosis. So, after three unsuccessful months of trying on their own, Kelly and her husband consulted a reproductive endocrinologist. Five medicated timed intercourse cycles later she still wasn’t pregnant, so they decided to move on to IVF. Join us to hear how it took two retrieval cycles just to get a couple PGS normal embryos and two frozen transfers before she became pregnant with her daughter

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What you’ll hear in this episode:

  • These days, Kelly enjoys hanging out with her husband and five-week-old daughter, getting used to being a mom
  • How Kelly has become more compassionate with her patients since her infertility struggles
  • How she met her husband in Alaska, where he was in the US Army; she gave him a try even though she “didn’t like Army guys”
  • When they first started dating, they knew they wanted children, but she changed her mind for a while because of her work at the clinic–this was something they had to work through together
  • Laparoscopy for endometriosis in 2009 and 2012 and then trying to conceive in 2015
  • Their tests, treatments, and timed intercourse cycles
  • Why Kelly got scared of the process and took a year off
  • Back to more timed intercourse cycles and the IVF recommendation
  • IVF in January 2017: 16 eggs, two tested, and both were abnormal
  • April 2017: another IVF with 38 eggs, five tested, and two normal embryos and one “no-read”
  • Acunpuncture, yoga, and Reiki before the frozen transfer
  • The first frozen transfer was unsuccessful with one embryo, then the second transfer was of one normal and the “no-read” embryo, which led to a successful pregnancy and the birth of their daughter in April 2018
  • Why Kelly moved to IVF so quickly because she trusted everyone at the clinic and felt comfortable with them and the process
  • How seeking treatment at the clinic brought her closer to her boss and co-workers because they were so kind and supportive
  • The changes in her relationships with patients as she was more sympathetic and understanding of what they were going through
  • Dealing with the expectations of conceiving vs. the reality of infertility
  • The surprise connection between endometriosis and egg quality
  • How Kelly got very discouraged and disappointed but never lost hope
  • Her fond memories of the positive pregnancy and the beauty of the embryo transfer
  • How Kelly had no insurance coverage for treatments but her clinic worked to make it affordable for her
  • How her relationship with her husband was difficult when they had to agree to move to IVF and he was resistant at first
  • Why Kelly didn’t tell many people about their journey because she didn’t want to face constant questions
  • How infertility changed Kelly: “I’ve become kinder, softer, more patient, more sympathetic, and more compassionate.”
  • Kelly’s advice to herself back then: “Stay out of your head and don’t overthink it.”


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