Dual Factor Infertility: Tedi’s Story [SUCCESS]

October 9, 2017


Today’s success story is about a woman named Tedi. She’s 31 years old and met her husband on a blind date. Before infertility, she describes herself as uptight and, frankly, quite angry. She even goes as far as to say her long infertility journey made her forget the reason she even wanted to be a mom. Before she got married, she had a feeling they would have trouble conceiving, and this suspicion was confirmed after a year of trying on their own. Join us to hear how her journey spanned the better part of a decade and included both IUI and IVF before they ultimately became pregnant on their own.

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What you’ll hear in this episode:

  • Tedi is now 31 and formerly worked at a warehouse. Now she is a secretary and runs a side business through her blog. She loves running, working out, and going to movies, and she’s very religious.
  • Before infertility, she was uptight and angry
  • How she and her husband met on a blind date
  • As a couple, she and her husband have very different personalities, but her husband has helped her become calmer and more understanding
  • Why she forgot why she ever wanted to be a mom after growing up caring for younger siblings
  • Trying to conceive for a year, then going through testing
  • The first RE appointment and his recommendation of “going straight to IVF”
  • Why Tedi never really had high hopes of motherhood
  • The fond memory of good friends who shared their journey
  • The most painful experience ever—the first IUI
  • The Fazst study through the University of Utah
  • A new RE, 3 IUIs, and 2 IVF cycles
  • Suspected endometriosis
  • “Your only options are embryo adoption or an egg donor”
  • The miracle of an unassisted, surprise pregnancy
  • Balancing work and treatments, and starting a blog
  • The sacrifices for treatments
  • Tedi’s foundation: The Hope for Fertility Foundation and its future plans
  • How her relationship with her husband has changed
  • The emotions at the birth of her son
  • How infertility has changed Tedi: “I’ve become more compassionate. Infertility has helped me reach out and encourage others.”
  • Tedi’s advice to herself back then: “Research everything! Be your own advocate and ask lots of questions!”

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