Dual Factor Infertility: Nadine’s Story [JOURNEY UPDATE]

92: Dual Factor Infertility [JOURNEY UPDATE]

Today’s Guest:

Today’s journey update is from a woman named Nadine, who you might remember from Episode 81. When we last spoke, she was just about to transfer a frozen embryo. Since then, she did that frozen transfer, which unfortunately failed. During the following cycle, her RE ran an Endometrial Receptivity Array, and she sought the opinion of a specialist in Boston about Asherman’s Syndrome to get his opinion on whether or not she should pursue surrogacy. She also recently completed another frozen embryo transfer. Join us to hear the latest in Nadine’s journey and what’s coming up next.

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What you’ll hear in this episode:

  • Where Nadine’s journey was when we last spoke: ready for the second frozen embryo transfer
  • An endometrial receptivity array test and what the results mean
  • When the RE said she would need a surrogate
  • A natural transfer with an HCG trigger shot
  • The role of added progesterone
  • How infertility has changed her relationships with her husband, friends, and family
  • When people don’t understand
  • The journey to self-advocacy
  • Tips for listeners about advocating for yourself
  • Don’t ignore your sixth sense
  • What’s next for Nadine? A follow-up appointment in Boston to check for scarring, a hysteroscopy next week, and the natural transfer of the last PGS-tested normal embryo. If all goes well, there will be another retrieval in November.

Words of Hope:

Hearing the specialist in Boston say that I can carry a baby gave new life to my infertility journey. Click To Tweet


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