Dual Factor Infertility: Jane’s Story [JOURNEY]

80: Dual Factor Infertility [JOURNEY STORY]

Today’s Guest:

Today’s journey story is about a woman named Jane. Although she’s always known she wanted to be a mom, she didn’t meet her husband until later in life. They were married last August when she was 35 and he was 38. As a couple, they both consider themselves foodies and like taking adventurous trips together. Like so many listeners, Jane is a proactive Type-A personality who saw her OB for basic testing after only 5 months of actively trying to conceive. At that point, both she and her husband received infertility diagnoses. Join us to hear how she jumped straight into IVF and what’s coming up next in her journey.

What you’ll hear in this episode:

  • Jane lives in NYC and works full-time from home for a large technology company, doing software sales and account management
  • For fun, Jane loves to cook and try different restaurants—anything food-related!
  • Before infertility, she was focused on keeping control and a type-A planner
  • How she met her husband using the Tinder app, and now they are a fun-loving, adventurous couple
  • How Jane always wanted to be a mom, from age 3-4 when she played with dolls constantly
  • How the desire for motherhood has impacted many decisions
  • Trying to get pregnant for 5 months, then seeing the doctor for basic tests
  • The first RE appointment: male factor issues, DOR, and the MTHFR genetic mutation
  • On to IVF, but a failed transfer
  • Why Jane’s RE suspected inflammation could be the problem
  • When Jane lost hope after the first failed IVF cycle
  • “Infertility is like feeling around in the dark all the time.”
  • A fond memory? Receiving good news about the quality of their embryos
  • How the Beat Infertility podcast and private Facebook group helped Jane regain hope
  • A chemical pregnancy, but relief that “it did work—sort of.”
  • What’s next for Jane? A hysteroscopy, a second opinion, a pelvic MRI, a reproductive immunologist, and another IVF cycle

Words of Hope:

They are basically throwing the kitchen sink at me now, trying to figure out what’s going on. Click To Tweet


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