Dual Factor Infertility: Jane’s Story [JOURNEY UPDATE]

September 11, 2017


Today’s journey update is from a woman named Jane, who you might remember from Episode 80. When we last spoke, she had just completed a successful IVF cycle, which unfortunately ended in a chemical pregnancy. Since then, she’s had a pelvic MRI, hysteroscopy, a second opinion, and an appointment with a reproductive immunologist, all of which resulted in a host of additional diagnoses. She also recently completed another retrieval cycle and is awaiting PGS testing results. Join us to hear the latest in Jane’s journey and what’s coming up next.

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What you’ll hear in this episode:

  • Jane’s last report: a recent loss and further tests
  • A pelvic MRI and hysteroscopy: all in the same day
  • In a daze, but grateful to have a diagnosis
  • Where to go from here
  • The second opinion and a reproductive immunologist
  • From frozen to fresh transfer
  • New diagnoses and medications and a possible transfer in late October
  • “Overwhelmed but grateful for more information”
  • A recent retrieval cycle with the same stims, the same number of eggs, 60% fertilization, and three blastocysts
  • Why genetic testing?
  • How to research and choose a clinic
  • How this journey has impacted Jane’s marriage
  • Trying to find life outside of IVF
  • What’s next?

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Words of Hope:

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