Dual Factor Infertility: Chrissie’s Story [JOURNEY UPDATE]

December 31, 2018


Today’s journey update is about a woman named Chrissie, who you might remember from Episode 115. When we last spoke, she had chosen a donor embryo and was waiting to transfer. Since then, although they wanted to pursue domestic adoption, it wasn’t possible financially. Join us to hear the latest in Chrissie’s journey.

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What you’ll hear in this episode:

  • How they had just embarked on embryo adoption about this time last year
  • Chrissie’s emotional and physical status today, as she’s feeling more hopeful and peaceful than a year ago
  • The donor embryo cycle, which began with lots of paperwork and tests
  • How they chose an embryo from a clinic in GA
  • The toll on the body with hormones and meds and how it’s identical to the IVF preparation as you prepare your body for the embryo
  • The good quality embryo, which came from a couple whose other embryos had provided twins for two other couples
  • Another failed cycle to the tune of $8000, and then the doctor blamed Chrissie’s weight for the transfer failure
  • The meds didn’t merge well with her depression, so it took awhile to feel well and balanced again
  • The domestic adoption process, which they had gotten one-fourth of the way through, with paperwork, home inspections, background checks, physical exams, shots, and recommendations
  • They were ready to take the next step in the adoption process when they realized the huge $44,000 cost was just impossible
  • Filing bankruptcy because of all the costs of medical procedures and costs associated with being foster parents to two girls
  • Chrissie’s two books, Navigating the Road of Infertility and Baby Bankrupt
  • The relationship with her husband, which was hard to get through, but they found they had to communicate clearly and they still wanted to be parents together
  • The relationships with friends and family were more difficult, as they have a deep divide with her husband’s parents over some insensitive comments that were made; even though Chrissie has had to avoid some situations and events, she has gotten a lot of support from friends, especially through social media
  • Why Chrissie says this process has made her an advocate for kids and families and given her tools to help others, even though she’s not sure she would have gone through this process had she known what was ahead
  • How they are considering IVF or embryo adoption again with another clinic
  • How infertility has continued to change Chrissie: “It’s made me more empathetic, reflective, humble, and compassionate. It’s opened my eyes to a lot of things.”
  • The immediate next steps for Chrissie are that they are waiting to hear back from the financial counselor at the new clinic and then will have sperm analysis and blood tests done
  • What keeps Chrissie hopeful is her undying desire to be a mom with her husband, especially with their own child


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