Dual Factor Infertility: April’s Story [SUCCESS]

October 2, 2017


Today’s success story is about a woman named April. Although she always knew she wanted to be a mom, she wasn’t always sure it was going to happen. Her first husband had a lot of medical issues and ultimately passed away. It took her several years and some big life changes to move forward. However, motherhood finally felt like a possibility once she met the man who is now her husband. Although they could have seen someone sooner because she was over 35, they tried on their own for about 10 months before visiting her OB for some initial testing. Join us to hear how her journey takes her from timed intercourse to IUI to IVF and back to IUI again before they found success.

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What you’ll hear in this episode:

  • At 42, April is an IT project manager who loves Chicago Blackhawk hockey, boating, gardening, dining out, and visiting the family cabin in the north woods of Wisconsin
  • How she and her husband met through an online dating site
  • As a couple, they are best friends whose personalities perfectly complement each other
  • Why she knew she always wanted to be a mom
  • The passing of her first husband and the time it took to move forward
  • April’s big decisions to prepare for motherhood: changing jobs and losing weight to improve fertility
  • Trying to conceive for 10 months on their own, then seeing the doctor
  • The first RE appointment with Dr. Allison Rodgers: “If you stick with me, you WILL take home a baby.”
  • The diagnoses: male factor issues and diminished ovarian reserve
  • Losing hope with multiple failed cycles, the overwhelming emotion, and regaining hope by knowing “I had to keep going”
  • A fond memory of Natalie, the comforting ultrasound technician
  • Balancing work and fertility treatments
  • Four timed intercourse cycles and multiple IUIs and failed IVF
  • Finally, positive results!
  • Great insurance coverage in Illinois, which mandates fertility coverage, but dipping into retirement savings to cover treatment costs
  • How her relationship with her husband has grown stronger through the infertility journey
  • Intense emotions around the birth of her son
  • How infertility has changed April: “It’s made me stronger and more tolerant. I look at pregnant women and mothers differently.”
  • April’s advice to herself back then: “I would’ve completely skipped everything I did at the OB/GYN’s office. I would have gone right to the RE. Follow your gut and go to the extreme.”

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