Dual Factor Infertility: Alanna’s Story [SUCCESS]

November 27, 2017

Topics in this episode:

Today’s success story is about a woman named Alanna. She’s 34 years old and enjoys yoga, running, and hiking. Before infertility, she wasn’t nearly as aware as she is today of the challenges people face in their everyday lives. She met her husband 17 years ago, which means they have now been together for half of her life. Even before they’d been trying for a year, her family doctor suggested a semen analysis, and they were shocked when it came back with 0% morphology. Later, a reproductive endocrinologist would also diagnose her with a uterine septum. Join us to hear how her journey spanned multiple IUI and IVF cycles, only to result in conceiving their child while on a vacation getaway.

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What you’ll hear in this episode:

  • Alanna is a manager in financial services marketing in Vancouver—and she loves photography
  • Before infertility, she didn’t empathize much with people going through difficult things
  • She met her husband during her first year in college when she bought used textbooks from him, and they married in 2009
  • As a couple, they have learned to communicate really well through turbulent times and to serve and support each other
  • Because infertility was never an issue in her family, it was a “given” that children would be a part of her life
  • How she always planned to balance her career and motherhood, even if that meant sacrifice
  • They tried for 6 months and then saw the family doctor who suggested a sperm analysis
  • The result: 0% morphology and a referral to an OB/GYN
  • The first RE appointment, where tests revealed a possible uterine septum
  • Five IUIs, and pregnancy on the 3rd one, but a miscarriage at 7 weeks
  • On to IVF as part of a clinical trial that included free PGS testing on embryos
  • A closer look at the possible uterine septum, since embryos weren’t implanting
  • Laparoscopic surgery to remove the septum
  • Looking ahead to the next step, taking a break, and booking a late fall vacation
  • Three months after surgery—a surprise pregnancy!
  • When the financial strain caused Alanna to lose hope
  • A fond memory about pain meds
  • Alanna’s regrets
  • Balancing work and treatments
  • How infertility didn’t really impact her relationships with others, but “made people around me more aware of the struggles some people go through to have children”
  • Examples of advocating for herself that moved the journey forward positively
  • Alanna’s advice to herself back then: “Hang on to hope. Visualize that the child will come someday.”

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