Diminished Ovarian Reserve & MTHFR: Sarah’s Story

36: Diminished Ovarian Reserve & MTHFR

Today’s Guest:

Our success story today is Sarah, whose diagnoses include diminished ovarian reserve and the MTHFR gene mutation. She began trying in 2013, and after a year with no success, went to the Fertility Centers of Illinois. Her tests showed high FSH and low AMH levels, along with the MTHFR issue. There were still no real answers for the repeated chemical pregnancies she experienced.

Sarah was ready to proceed and welcomed the help from FCI. After several IUI cycles, Sarah saw success on her 4th IVF. She transferred two embryos and is now the soon-to-be mother of twins. Talking about her journey to close friends and family really helped her along the way.

Words of Hope:

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Whom We’re Following:

We are following the journey of Stephanie, who began trying to get pregnant in 2010. She soon saw her first RE and was left with an unexplained diagnosis. Through several IUIs, a move, and a second RE, Stephanie had no success and no answers. It was when she visited a naturopath that minimal hypothyroidism and the MTHFR gene mutation were detected.

A move to yet another state and RE #3 prompted the question, “What have we NOT tried?” This is when Stephanie’s treatment turned to IVF cycles, but still with no success. Her doctor is changing her protocol in hopes of better results for her next cycle later this month. We are hoping for good news from Stephanie soon!


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