Diminished Ovarian Reserve: Kaeleigh’s Story

12: Diminished Ovarian Reserve

Today’s Guest:

My guest today is Kaeleigh. She and her husband started trying to get pregnant about three years ago while on vacation in Scotland. Nothing happened for several months, but her doctor wasn’t concerned. Kaeleigh had to push for a referral to a RE, wait nearly a year for an appointment, and then deal with the diagnosis of early stage diminished ovarian reserve. 

Kaeleigh shares her emotional journey through diagnosis, Clomid cycles, unsuccessful timed intercourse, IUI, and then IVF. She describes the difficult emotional transition from early-stage treatment to IVF with ICSI. Her story is a happy one, even through all the difficulties.

Words of Hope:

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Whom We’re Following:

Shawn’s husband has low morphology, and she has endometriosis and insulin resistance issues. They began trying in November 2012 and have been seeing n RE since 2013. Earlier this year, they moved to a new RE, after repeated cycles of Clomid and timed intercourse. Shawn did an IUI cycle in May and is looking to begin a new one soon. Through it all, her husband remains positive, encouraging, and supportive.



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