Diminished Ovarian Reserve: Dan’s Story [SUCCESS]

73: Diminished Ovarian Reserve [SUCCESS]

Today’s Guest:

Today’s success story is about a man named Dan. Although his wife is an American, they met in London after connecting online while she was there on travel. At the age of 32, his wife was diagnosed with diminished ovarian reserve and was deemed a “poor responder” to treatment. As a result, they were advised to immediately pursue IVF. Although he was initially excited about their first cycle, he understandably became quite discouraged when it didn’t work. Join us to how he and his wife went through three more IVF cycles through both the NHS and a private clinic before eventually becoming pregnant with twins.

What you’ll hear in this episode:

  • At age 40, Dan works as an attorney in London
  • Before infertility, Dan was positive and never thought he would face infertility
  • How Dan met his wife in 2011 when she vacationed in London and used a dating site (they married the next year)
  • How Dan always envisioned his life full of children
  • After six months of trying, it was time to see the doctor
  • The first RE appointment and why a diagnosis took several months in coming
  • The soul-destroying aspects of infertility
  • “Straight to IVF” with no success
  • The moments of fun and laughter, but nothing “fond” about infertility
  • Four IVF cycles, ovarian cysts, and surgery
  • The ups and downs of treatments and cycles
  • Twins!
  • The moment Dan found out he would finally be a dad
  • How his wife, a teacher, balanced work and treatments
  • Sacrifices and the perks of the British healthcare system that pays for the first three IVF cycles
  • How men and women approach infertility differently
  • The timetable for treatment
  • The emotions over finally beating infertility
  • How infertility has changed Dan: “I have the sensitivity that infertility is ‘a thing.’”
  • Dan’s advice to himself back then: “It will be fine. The hardest thing is not knowing what will happen next. Stick at it.”

Words of Hope:

Don’t listen to other people. It will be OK. Click To Tweet


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