BONUS 100: Detours by Sue Johnston [INFERTILITY AUTHOR]

April 28, 2017

Topics in this episode:

Today’s guest is Sue Johnston, the author of Detours: Unexpected Journeys of Hope Conceived from Infertility. Sue and Heather discuss her infertility journey, her book, and the importance of hope. You can find Detours for sale today on Amazon and other retailers.

What you’ll hear in this episode:

  • Before infertility, Sue was happy, optimistic and fulfilled
  • How Sue met her husband, a naval officer on a blind date
  • Their blind date, a cross country trip, military deployment, and fairytale wedding
  • As a couple, Bob and Sue are soulmates and a blessed team celebrating 31 years of marriage
  • Why Sue always wanted to be a teacher and a mother
  • Trying for a year to get pregnant, and then the turn to diagnostic testing
  • The diagnosis: unexplained infertility
  • When Sue lost all hope during a stay in a third-world country
  • After returning to the U.S.: four IVF cycles and an eventual pregnancy
  • How infertility options have changed over the years
  • Balancing work and treatments: Sue attributes her success to supportive principals
  • The financial sacrifice to afford treatment
  • The inspiration behind Sue’s book? Wanting her son to know his story.
  • How HOPE is weaved throughout the book with mantras and “hope quotes”
  • “If you lose hope, then you can’t open your eyes to the many different possibilities in building your family.”
  • Sue’s work with National Infertility Advocacy Day, May 17-18, in Washington, DC
  • Why a portion of Sue’s book profits go to Resolve, the National Infertility Association
  • How infertility has changed Sue: “It scared me at first and made me shudder. Now I feel empowered, more compassionate, and thankful I can use my voice to make a difference and do something positive.”
  • How to make society listen:
    • We need to break down stigmas and barriers associated with infertility
    • It’s not our choice that our bodies aren’t working
    • If the reproductive system isn’t working, it’s just as important as any other body system and needs help
  • Sue’s advice to herself back then: “You can’t go through this alone. Be open and talk about it and get some help. Be kind to yourself and give yourself a break.”

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Words of Hope:

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