Living a Childfull Life After Failed Fertility Treatments: Justine’s Story [SUCCESS]

April 17, 2017

Topics in this episode:

Today’s success story is about a woman named Justine. Although her doctors never confirmed, she believes her infertility journey started with a broken back when she was younger. Until she met her husband, she wasn’t even sure she wanted kids, but it turns out that line of thinking was just a defense mechanism because she didn’t think having children was possible following her back injury. Unlike many infertility journeys, she fairly immediately pursued surrogacy because no one was sure how her body would respond to a pregnancy after spending a year of her life in a body cast. Join us to hear how she’s devoted herself to a ‘childfull’ life, despite the fact that her surrogate never became pregnant.

What you’ll hear in this episode:

  • At age 37 now, Justine lives in St. Louis and works as a mental health therapist and writer
  • A self-care enthusiast, Justine proudly claims her “weirdest” hobby: raising butterflies!
  • Before infertility, she had a different skill set and was not as happy, healthy, and thriving
  • How she met her husband through college friends, and soon celebrates 11 years of marriage
  • How she and her husband “turn toward each other” and are “the witnesses to each other’s lives”
  • How she believes her infertility began, back in adolescence, with hundreds of unprotected MRI’s and X-rays
  • Her protective mechanism of not wanting children
  • Why surrogacy seemed the perfect fit for them
  • Justine’s tricky relationship with hope
  • Two tries at surrogacy that were “enough and everything”
  • The decision to live a “childfull” life
  • How to choose a surrogate
  • The physical, financial, and emotional sacrifices that infertility requires
  • Why the infertility journey is a grief journey
  • Why the baby is not “the fix” for infertility
  • Justine’s books: Ever Upward, The Mother of Second Chances, and The Complicated Gray (coming Fall 2017)
  • Why people are drawn to Justine’s story
  • “My story has given me this incredible gift to work with the infertility community.”
  • Holding on to BOTH truths
  • Justine’s work with Rising Strong, as a Brene Brown certified facilitator
  • How infertility has changed Justine: “I’m a fabulous person who used to be covered up with shame, fear, scarcity, and comparison.”
  • What she would do differently: “I would’ve been more open about my journey and done infertility therapy sooner.”

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Words of Hope:

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