Premature Ovarian Aging: Michelle’s Story [SUCCESS]

113: Premature Ovarian Aging [SUCCESS]

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Today’s success story is about a woman named Michelle. She is a 37-year-old director of policy for a medical association in Washington, DC. She met her husband at a bar in 2010, and today, they complement each other well. Although they very much enjoy each other’s company, they both have independent sides. Becoming a mother was always a non-negotiable for her, but her husband wasn’t sure about parenthood at first. Once they began having trouble conceiving, she worried he’d change his mind back, although of course he never did. Join us to hear how she learned to advocate for herself, both with her treatment team and those in her personal life, throughout a journey that involved IUIs, IVF, PGS testing, multiple losses, and ultimately, success.