BONUS 133: How to Buy a Baby web series

BONUS 133: How to Buy a Baby web series

Today’s Guest:

Today’s bonus episode guest is Wendy Litner, an infertility warrior, writer and creator of the web series How to Buy a Baby.

Wendy and Heather discuss her personal infertility story and all the juicy details behind the series: 


  • Tell me a bit about yourself. How old are you, what do you do for a living, what do you do for fun, etc.?
  • Your Twitter profile says you’re both a dog person and a cat person. How is that possible?
  • Think about life before infertility. Back then, how would you describe you as a person?
  • Tell me about when you first met your husband.
  • How would you describe you and your husband as a couple?
  • Tell me about the moment when you first knew you wanted to be a mom.
  • How has longing to be a mom impacted other life decisions?


  • Take us through your infertility journey from start to today. What was your diagnosis and when did you receive it, what exactly did you do to try to build your family, and where are you now?


  • What is How to Buy a Baby? How closely does it parallel your own experiences? Give listeners an overview of the show.
  • You were a lawyer before this. What made you want to become the writer and creator of a web series?
  • Who is the intended audience, and what do you want people to take away from the series?
  • Reading from the show’s description, the characters are “determined to keep things fertili-fun, but what happens when so many people are involved in the intimate act of procreation? Can a marriage survive with the financial and emotional pressures of infertility?” I’m curious to know your personal answers to those two questions.
  • I understand it’s a CBC show and financed by the Independent Protection Fund. Tell us about the IPF and how you got hooked up with CBC.
  • If you could go back and do it all over again, is there something you would have done differently?
  • What are your future plans for the web series?


  • Although the main audience of the Beat Infertility podcast is women, infertility is of course both a female and male issue, and I know many couples who listen together. What do you think the infertility community can do to better support the men going through this right alongside us?
  • What do you think it will take for infertility to become a mainstream topic rather than taboo? How far do we still have to go?


  • What words of hope would you offer to someone who’s just beginning their infertility journey right now?

Words of Hope:

You don’t have to feel hopeful. There is a lot of pressure to feel hopeful. It will work or not work, without your hope. Click To Tweet


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