Breast Cancer: Alice’s Story [SUCCESS]

108: Breast Cancer [SUCCESS]

Today’s Guest:

Today’s success story is about a woman named Alice. She’s the 41-year-old founder of MedAnswers, a service that connects infertility patients to experts, and Fertile Action, a nonprofit for fertile women touched by cancer. In 2008 at 31 years old, she was diagnosed with breast cancer. Because she’d always known she wanted to be a mom, she quickly decided to pursue a fertility preservation cycle. Her partner at the time didn’t want to go through the fertility treatment process with her, so she decided to find a sperm donor and become a single mother. Join us to hear how she beat cancer, suffered several miscarriages, and finally beat infertility with a frozen embryo transfer.

What you’ll hear in this episode:

  • Why her most fun is found in playing and doing the “little boy” things with her four-year-old son
  • Before infertility, Alice was intense, driven, and had no balance or focus around anything except work
  • How she never questioned whether or not she wanted to be a mom
  • How she made a major decision about her marriage based on desire for motherhood
  • Finding a lump and facing a breast cancer diagnosis, with a mindset toward fertility preservation
  • The initial appointment with the RE and immediate plans to preserve fertility
  • Focusing on fertility and LIFE after breast cancer
  • Looking at sperm donors in a catalog and how she made the choice
  • What a fertility preservation cycle involves
  • Just days after the cancer diagnosis, 14 embryos and 11 unfertilized eggs
  • Three years of breast cancer treatment
  • Trying to get pregnant and several miscarriages
  • Deciding to leave a difficult relationship and pursue single motherhood
  • Pregnancy, her son, and the ultimate fulfillment of motherhood
  • How each crisis requires layers of acceptance
  • Thinking now about fertilizing more eggs and doing another transfer
  • How Alice feels called to serve others in onco-fertility and infertility and is teaching her son to serve others in love
  • Advocating and being “the CEO of your infertility team
  • Alice’s tips and advice about advocating for yourself and your treatment
  • How infertility has changed Alice: “I’m much more compassionate. I have a reverence for the female body and know how devastating it is when some part is out of whack and not functioning. I’m a better woman, a better mother, and a better human because of infertility.”
  • Alice’s advice to herself back then: “I wouldn’t have gotten into that relationship and would have pursued single motherhood sooner.  I wouldn’t have cared so much about what other people thought.”

Words of Hope:

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