Asherman’s Syndrome: Rachel’s Story [JOURNEY UPDATE]

March 20, 2017

Topics in this episode:

Today’s journey update is from a woman named Rachel, who you might remember from Episodes 5 and 26. Although she always knew she wanted to be a mom, she didn’t start trying to conceive until later in life — and she wonders if she would have struggled less had she tried earlier. Much to her surprise, at first, she had no difficulty becoming pregnant, but she kept miscarrying. However, after a D&C, her period didn’t return, thus starting a long road battling Asherman’s Syndrome. Let’s listen to how one of her miscarriages actually turned around her whole outlook about her infertility journey — and she turned her struggles and triumph into two popular books.

What you’ll hear in this episode:

  • At age 40 now, Rachel lives in the UK, working as a human resources leader and a writer
  • Before infertility, Rachel was carefree, fit and healthy, and loved to travel
  • When she moved to the UK from Australia, she met her husband at work
  • As a couple, Rachel and her husband have grown incredibly strong together
  • How Rachel changed jobs and made other decisions to position herself for motherhood
  • The first RE visit, after the first miscarriage
  • The fourth miscarriage, and diagnoses: Protein S deficiency and Asherman’s Syndrome
  • Three surgeries to repair damage to her uterus
  • Feeling overwhelmed, angry, and helpless
  • Contemplating the end of their “family journey”
  • A fondly remembered special moment with her husband
  • Rachel’s update since our last conversation
  • Finally, pregnancy!
  • Balancing work and infertility treatments
  • Sacrifices made to find success
  • Rachel’s books about her journey: Finding the Rainbow and Embracing the Storm
  • The intense emotions around the birth of her son
  • How infertility has changed Rachel: “I’m a better mother now than I would’ve been with that very first pregnancy. I’m more relaxed.”
  • Rachel’s advice to herself back then: “An awareness piece is a big thing. I was so naïve and wish I had pushed harder with doctors and their complacency. I wish I had asked each more questions and demanded to see a specialist sooner.”

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