BONUS 109: AMA with Heather (Part 1)

Today’s Guest:

This is the first episode in a series where I answer listener questions about my infertility journey, my life and background, the podcast, and more.(Click here to listen to Part 2 and here to listen to Part 3.) A special thanks to my friend and fellow infertility warrior Linda for playing guest host and being a fabulous interviewer.

What you’ll hear in this episode:

  • At age 34, I’ve run my own public relations and marketing company since 2008; I have 10 employees, so podcasting is my “side gig”
  • For fun, I enjoy spending time with my husband, reading, and watching movies
  • A “day in the life of Heather” begins at 3:30 am!
  • How I met my husband at a garbage dumpster at college—and now, celebrating our 12th anniversary
  • As a couple, we follow the “opposites attract” format and are truly best friends
  • How I always wanted to be a mom, but waited until my husband was ready
  • The problems? Severe endometriosis and a ruptured ovarian cyst.
  • Trying to get pregnant, 2 early miscarriages, and the first RE
  • In 2012, the official infertility diagnosis and a blocked tube
  • A 2nd opinion at a new clinic with a new doctor
  • One thing I wish someone had told me in the beginning: “To be an advocate for myself, and not just to trust what the doctor says. I should have asked questions and educated myself more.”
  • More problems: a luteal phase defect, ovarian cysts, egg quality issues, and an MTHFR diagnosis
  • Facing IVF and the dilemma of transferring one or two embryos
  • A very healthy pregnancy with twins!
  • How an open cervix led to an emergency hospital stay
  • Early labor that was dismissed by the doctor on duty
  • “Nothing can be done to save your babies”
  • 27 hours of labor, babies born two hours apart at 21 weeks

Words of Hope:

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